Department Services

Exact change or personal check accepted (no second party checks or credit cards)

Fingerprinting Services

Please bring all appropriate forms associated with obtaining ink prints or live scans.  You can call the Colma Police Dispatch 650.997.8321 to ensure you have all appropriate paperwork.  This paperwork is usually provided by your employer or the agency requesting the ink prints or live scan.

Ink Prints:
Colma Residents and Businesses:  Tuesday - Saturday 7 am - 3 pm
Non-Colma Residents:  Tuesday 10 am - 12 pm and Thursday 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
1. You must have photo identification with you.
2. Use black ink to fill out the card.
3. You must provide print card(s).

Cost: $20.00 per card

Live Scan:
Starting September 22, 2015 we will be implementing an appointment based system and there will be an increase in the rolling fee that we charge for Live Scan services.  The old fee was $25 and the new fee is $30.  All fees (including DOJ/FBI/Other) must be paid in EXACT cash.

The days and hours are listed below and appointments can only be made two weeks in advance.  Appointments will be scheduled every thirty minutes (four appointments total per day).  No Live Scan services will be provided on holidays. In addition, we will no longer be accepting walk-ins for Live Scan services.  

  • Tuesdays from 10 am until noon (last appointment at 11:30)
  • Thursdays from 1 pm until 3 pm (last appointment at 2:30)
  • Saturdays from 9 am until 11 am (last appointment at 10:30)

Please call (650) 997-8321 to schedule your appointments. 

1. Must have photo identification with you.
2. You must provide 3 copies of the "Request for Live Scan Service" form.
3. The form must be completed prior to your arrival.

Cost: $30.00 plus any applicable Department of Justice / Federal Bureau of Investigation charges

Copies of Police Reports and Photographs

An application for a police report can be downloaded from the forms tab.

$10.00 for a police report.
$5.00 for a CAD report.
$20.00 per set of 12 report photograph reprints.

Attorney Requests for Audio / Video

$25.00 per copy of one of the following audio cassette, video tape, CD-R, or DVD-R.
(Fees are to be paid in advanced)

Vehicle Release / Recovery

Please bring the Notice of Stored Vehicle slip with you when claiming your vehicle from the Colma Police Department.

$80.00 fee which does not apply towards towing / storage fees.

Citation / Ticket Sign-Off

The Colma Police Department will sign off a correctable violation citation / ticket 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   

$10.00 which only applies to any citation / ticket NOT issued by the Colma Police Department.

Also, Town of Colma residents can have a citation issued by any agency signed off for free.

Public Records and Information Requests

The public has a right to request public information from the Town of Colma.  Applicants are not required to fill out this form.  The Colma Police Department has the duty to assist the applicant in filling out the form.  A form can be downloaded from our forms tab.

Voluntary Firearm Registration

The form to voluntary register your hand guns with the Department of Justice can be downloaded from our forms tab.

Business Contact Registration

The purpose of this form is to help the Police Department protect your property.  This form is confidential and if the information is not legible we will be unable to contact you or your representative in case of an emergency.  You can download the form from our forms tab.

Child Seat Installation

Please call the Colma Police Department to schedule an appointment.  In order to insure proper installation please bring the owners manual to your vehicle and the manual to your child safety seat.  It is preferred that the child is present during the installation to ensure a proper fit.

When: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday -  8 am - 3 pm and Wednesday 8 am - 12 pm

Cost: Free

Colma Resident, Merchant, or Guest Parking Permit

The Town of Colma has restricted parking hours applicable to B, C, D, E, F Streets and Clark Avenue.  Unless you are a qualified resident or merchant fronting one of these streets and hold a valid permit, you may not park longer than two hours between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm Monday-Friday.

Resident Permits:
You may acquire a permit for each vehicle that is properly registered to a Colma address in the preferential parking area. To obtain a permit, the registered owner will need to bring  a valid driver's license listing the qualified Colma address and the current vehicle registration to the Colma Police Department. The driver's license and registration must show the same address (special note: any vehicles with an incomplete registration will not be issued a permit). Parking permits are valid only for the years noted on the permit.  New permits are to be obtained every two years.

Merchant Permits:
Qualified merchants fronting one of the streets in the preferential parking areas may acquire one permit for the principal vehicle used in the business.  Please bring your current vehicle registration to the Colma Police Department and proof of employment.

Guest Permits:
Two guest permits may be issued to each qualified dwelling unit fronting one of the streets in the preferential parking areas.  Guest permits are valid only for the years noted on the permit.  Guest permits cannot be used for vehicles registered to a Colma address.

Parking permits must be affixed to the outside of the front or rear windshield in the proper location.  Permits not placed in the proper location, will be voided and you can be subject to a citation.

Permits are non-transferable.  New vehicles without license plates must be issued an individual temporary parking permit which will be assigned to that specific vehicle.  Guest permits are not to be used on these vehicles.  To obtain a temporary permit, please bring the Bill of Sale that shows the qualified Colma address and a valid driver's license that shows the same name and address to the Colma Police Department.

Qualified residents and merchants on these streets may acquire permits at the Colma Police Department.

When: Every day from 9am - 10pm, except holidays

Cost: Free